Eliminate Socket Problems

No more sweating, rubbing, bruising, chafing or discomfort resulting from the socket. 

Improved Overall Pain

Thanks to a more stable and natural connection between the prosthetic and the bone.

Improve Mobility & Stability

Increased muscle use and control allow a more natural gait with increased range of motion. 

Direct Mechanical Control 

Full limb control with direct mechanics and restored proprioception.

Fast Rehabilitation 

An accelerated surgical and rehabilitation program reduces the overall recovery time to 4-6 weeks.

Cost Effective

Regular socket re-fittings are no longer required which can represent significant cost savings.

Osseointegration Surgery

Osseointegration involves inserting a prosthetic implant into the residual bone of an amputee to which an external prosthesis can attach directly, thereby eliminating the need for a traditional socket-mounted prosthesis. This surgical solution utilises cutting-edge-technology to enhance the mobility and quality of life of amputees.

Professor Munjed Al Muderis founded the Osseointegration Group of Australia in 2010 which has grown over the past decade into be the largest Osseointegration centre worldwide. The group consists of a team of clinicians who provide input from preoperative patient education and selection to postoperative support.

Secure Online Enquiry

All prospective patients are directed to complete the enquiry form by following the link below. OGA will review the information provided and provide adequate feedback. The screening procedure  ensures that potential risks and exclusions are considered and may include prosthetic, psychological, anatomical and pain assessments. You may also wish to attend our multidisciplinary clinic where you can meet several specialists and speak to other amputees going through the process.

Over 1200 successful cases performed with partnership clinics established worldwide

Learn how osseointrgration can help you!

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Our mission is to help amputees achieve freedom of mobility and comfort.

Osseointegration Group of Australia